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Wakocha from Sayama


◯ About Shimizuen

Just a cup of tea and a moment

to think about someone else.

Long-established Sayama tea farmer since the Edo period
We bring you good old hand-picked tea and Japanese black tea.

Shimizuen Tea Plant is a long-established tea farmer producing Sayama-cha, one of the three best teas in Japan, in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture since the middle of the Edo period. Tea to drink with someone. Tea to drink with someone, tea to think about someone. We are happy to spend time together with people's hearts and to be a source of support for them.

Shimizuen logo
お茶の木 チャノキ

Black tea grown in Japan

Hand-picked sencha

from a tea farmer

Saitama Yume Kocha

◯ Commitment 1 - Wakocha

Saitama Yume Kocha" is a black tea

produced in Saitama Prefecture.

Diversity and Possibilities of Wakocha 

I want to deliver Wakocha from the Sayama Tea Plant

There are as many different tastes of Japanese black tea as there are makers. We are particular about the variety, the aroma, and the taste. We deliver teas that make you say, "I didn't know there was such a black tea! We will bring you teas that will make you say, "I didn't know there was such a black tea!

◯ Commitment 2 - Hand-Picked Sencha

The taste of our hometown, "Sayama tea" Hand-picked tea garden rooted in the community

Hand-picking passed down from previous generations Good old-fashioned tea picking continues to this day.

The garden has a spacious hand-picked tea garden, which is rare in modern times. Local pluckers pick tea leaves one by one, bud by bud, and carefully prepare the tea. The tea leaves are carefully picked one by one by local pluckers, and the sweet, deep, rich flavor is delivered to you.

hand-picked sencha

​Shimizuen business

​ Expanding to other areas

More than just tea

Sencha tea leaves

Tea from Shimizuen tea factory

Handpicked teas, teas for daily use, Houjicha, Japanese black tea, Oolong tea, etc. All Sayama teas are made with our heart and soul. How about a gift for home use or as a present?


Consignment processing of tea bags

Small lots can be ordered

Shimizuen for small businesses



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