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Special collaboration product "Limited☆Love Tea Set"

Umehachi Yamanaka, Professor, "This Love is a Farce! ×x Iruma City

Special collaboration products are finally on sale!

The products went on sale on June 10 at 9:00 a.m. in stores and online store simultaneously, but the online store was sold out immediately!

The online shop sold out immediately (!)!

We were overwhelmed by the energy of fans all over Japan and realized that Umehachi-sensei is loved by so many fans.

We will announce any future re-releases on Twitter, so please keep an eye out for that as well.

As a book lover myself, I get excited about collaboration projects like this, and I am the type of person who buys them... (〃v〃)

I was only involved in a small part of this project this time, but I wondered if Chako was feeling like this when she made that gift "happy tea"... and I thought to myself, "Chako, you have created something quite wonderful...".

And I am surprised that the teacher who writes such a wonderful manga lives in Iruma City. !!!!!

I get nervous every time I think, "Oh, he is in this Iruma City?" LOL!

Thank you to all the fans, to all the people who have purchased our products, and to all those who have become interested in Sayama tea.

We'll be keeping an eye on your future trends☆.

Thank you very much!


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