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Ms. Umehachi Yamanaka handsome novelties are now being distributed.

Ms. Umehachi Yamanaka x Iruma City

Introducing the gift single envelope with Umehachi-sensei's handsome and cute tea girl design✨.

Nowadays, you can't find a tea shop in Iruma City that doesn't have Umehachi Umehachi's tea girl!

Now there is no tea shop in Iruma City that doesn't have Umehachi-sensei's tea girls!

Now, we are pleased to introduce the gift envelopes!

For those who purchase the applicable product (link below) in our online store,

If you choose the option, this cute little tea girl envelope will be included ✨.

We will also be offering this gift envelope at our store.

(Please let us know if you'd like one. 🙇‍♀️)




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