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Sales of new tea for 2023 have begun!

Sales of the first tea of the 2023 crop have begun!

This year, the cherry blossoms bloomed earlier than usual, and tea production also started earlier than usual.

Even the makers are surprised that Sayama tea is ready before the 88th day of the 8th month (May 2).

The lineup of this year's new tea is as follows.

Tea to be exhibited at a tea fair: 30g, 1,296 yen

Hand-picked high-grade sencha: 100g, 2,160 yen

Hand-picked sencha 100g 1,620 yen

Extra fine sencha 100g 1,296 yen

Special sencha green tea 100g 1,080 yen

Tokusen joki-kucha 100g 1,080 yen

In addition, some products have package renewal and standard change.

Sencha tea bags 150g 864 yen → Sencha tea bags 40 packets 864 yen

Lemongrass Sencha Tea Bags 30 packets 1,080 yen → Lemongrass Sencha Tea Bags 20 packets 1,080 yen (This was corrected due to a typographical error.)

The product is now compatible with Nekopos and Click Post.

The following products are now available in our online store.

Sencha green tea bag: 15 packets, 432 yen

Hojicha tea bag: 15 packets, 432 yen

Hojicha Tea Bags: 30 packets, 756 yen

Nekopos or Click Post are now available.

We will update the list of new teas as soon as they are ready.

Please try our delicious Sayama-cha tea this year! (^^)!


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