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Our commitment

- Wakocha and hand-picked sencha -

Shimizuen's Commitment

At Shimizuen, we have two unwavering commitments: Japanese black tea and hand-picked sencha green tea. We are committed to preserving our traditions while taking on new challenges, and we do this every day.

​Thoughts on Japanese black tea

The difference in taste by producers who produce and sell their own tea is the charm of Sayama tea. We, Shimizu-en, would like to convey the charm of Sayama tea with Japanese black tea and deliver delicious black tea to many people. We would like to bring a new wind to Sayama tea and make it more popular.

Japanese black tea leaves

tea made in japan

What is “Wakocha”?

As the name suggests, "Wakocha" is made from domestically produced tea leaves, and is also called "domestic black tea" or "local black tea. It is characterized by its mild flavor and relatively low astringency. The interesting thing about Japanese black tea is that you can enjoy a wide variety of teas that vary not only by production area and variety, but also by tea plantation. The difference between black tea and green tea is due to the production method: black tea is made by fermenting tea leaves, while green tea is made without fermentation.




original package

We are particular about the varieties of tea produced in Saitama Prefecture and the management of the tea plantation, and we are particular about the wilting and the gorgeous aroma, and we are particular about the taste as Sayama tea of flavor. We will continue to produce teas that only we can make.

Awards received



  プレミアムティコンテスト2023 3つ星

 ​ プレミアムティコンテスト2023 3つ星

 ​ 国産紅茶グランプリ2023 チャレンジ部門 準グランプリ


  国産紅茶グランプリ2023 プロダクツ部門 準グランプリ​

  国産紅茶グランプリ2023 特別賞 尾張旭市議会議長賞


【Saitama Yume Kocha Fukumidori 526】

  Domestic Black Tea Grand Prix 2022 Challenge Section Second Grand Prix
  Premium Tea Contest 2022 Four Stars

【Saitama Yume Kocha Yume Wakaba】
 Japanese Tea Selection Paris Jury's Encouragement Award


【Saitama Yume Kocha Sayama Kaori 518】

  Domestic Black Tea Grand Prix 2021 Challenge Category  Jury's Choice Award
  Premium Tea Contest 2021 Three Stars


  The 42nd Kanto Block Tea Promotion Contest Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award


  The 35th Kanto Block Tea Promotion Contest Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award


  The 43rd Sainokuni Tea Festival Sayama Tea Fair Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award

​Thoughts on hand-picking

As the other tea farmers around me stopped hand-picking, I asked myself, "How can you keep doing it? "How can you make so much tea and sell it?" How many times have you heard this question? It is not easy to stop what you have been doing. But it is much, much harder to restore what you have lost. What we can do is to continue to protect this hand-picked tea garden, produce delicious tea, and let as many people as possible know about it.

お茶の木 チャノキ

Commitment to hand-picked sencha teas

In order to deliver teas that are loved by our customers, we cultivate our teas using mainly organic fertilizers and composts, with less chemical fertilizers and pesticides. And in production, we try to make each roasting furnace, one by one, with care.

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